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Quinny - Christmas Gear (Official Video)

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Richard Wilson (One Foot in the Grave, Merlin) stars in Quinny's festive music video for Christmas Gear, exploring the holy trinity of loneliness, depression and good old fashioned gear! @quinnysmusic LIVE SHOWS 3/12/19 - The Blue Arrow, Glasgow 4/12/19 - Hope & Anchor, London Tickets here: VIDEO Starring Richard Wilson & Martin Quinn Directed by Joseph Lynn Producer: Emily Eyre Executive Producers: Martin & Peter Quinn Director of Photography: Anna Gudbrands Production Assistants: Lucie Fletcher, Sally Lynn BTS Photographer: Kyle McGurk Children: Roux Horner Carter, Ayla & Jonas Deacon Extras: Samuel Blenkin, Camille Mallet-De-Chauny, Thomas Robinson, Jack...
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